Wholesale – 11oz Purple Glass Tumbler With Wood Closure Scented Candles


The Purple Premium Luxury Tumbler Candles is the ideal choice for a unique and eye-catching candle display. The high-quality purple glass has a classic matte finish, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room. The warm hue of the glass captures and diffuses the light from the flame in a mesmerizing way, creating an inviting ambience. Enjoy the irresistible charm of the Purple Premium Luxury Glass Jar for candles.

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Fresh Cut Rose: Delightful scent reminiscent of freshly–cut roses.

Vanilla Marshmallow Sweet, creamy aroma of classic Vanilla Marshmallows

Apple Cinnamon: Delicious blend of Apple and aromatic Cinnamon notes.

Aloha Kiwi: Fresh, tropical fragrance of juicy Kiwis and Sweet Pineapples