Candle Fragrance Samples



Our wholesale fragrance candles can be best experienced through our sampling process. You can order as many samples as you like to smell, but please avoid ordering more than one sample of the same fragrance. These samples are exclusively meant for smelling purposes.
To ensure consistency, we use the same soy blend wax and fragrance percentage as our jars. The samples do not contain any dyes and will be in their natural color derived from the wax and fragrance.

Aloha Kiwi: Exotic tropical aroma. Sweet kiwi, creamy coconut and nutty vanilla blend to create a rich, satisfying base.

Apple Cinnamon: Tangy green apple with cinnamon spice and clove create a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Citrus & Sage: Sweet orange and bergamot blend with herbaceous lavender and sage for a refreshing scent.

Fresh Cut Rose: Perfect balance of fresh and floral scents with green and citrus notes, fruity violet and classic rose.

Jasmine: Sweet jasmine blends with spicy clove for an enchanting and sophisticated floral fragrance.

Maui Paradise: Joyful sweetness of island fruits, fragrant buchu leaf, sun-kissed persimmons, guavas, papayas, and vanilla sugarcane.

Nordic Berries: Lingonberries blended with cool forest air, wild rose, green leaves, blackcurrants, musk, and wool.

Pink Passion Fruit: Playful fruity burst of passionfruit, pear, zesty citrus, fresh florals, musk, and cotton candy.

Vanilla Marshmallow: Sweet, fluffy marshmallow and warm vanilla create a fun and sophisticated fragrance.